How Templett Works




Once your payment has processed, you'll receive an email from Templett, with the access link to your template. You won't need to install any fonts or program. Everything you need is ready to go within our in-browser editing program.



  • All text can be edited for wording, font, colour, size and placement
  • Artwork can be edited for size and placement (colours are NOT editable)
  • Backgrounds can be edited for colour, deleted or new ones added
  • Upload your own image
  • Add a back side


The Templett application allows you to export your finished file in so many different ways. You can print right at home or take your exported PDF or JPEG file to any local print shop or online print store. We have options for trim marks, bleed, and even options to save paper when printing at home.

If you plan to use a professional printer, I recommend Prints of Love. We have partnered with them to offer high quality yet affordable printing. Plus FREE envelopes & FREE U.S. shipping!

Simply follow this link:

Video: Editing SunshineWeddingParty Templates Online 


Video: Save Multiple Copies on a Single Page